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Let's start with the fact that South African players are not deprived of a choice, so it will be a matter of five minutes to find a casino, and maybe less. In addition to great prizes, it will be easy to decide on a wallet for withdrawing funds in South African casinos when you need to decide on the withdrawal of a jackpot or a large catch in the form of real money.

Yes, there is no avoiding competition, because the popularity of the casino is getting higher and higher. And yet, as they like to say in business, uncompetitive rivals are worth nothing. So you will have something to compete for and with who in any of the proposed, and the choice is large in gambling games. In fact, it is not for nothing that a casino should be focused on any player, from a novice player who is just trying himself in-game strategies and flips the tape down, choosing from offers for a long time, to a pro who knows exactly strategies and ways to get more.

A weekend or a holiday, the support service and the developers of good and authoritative work always. Loyalty to customers and responsibility for safety and maximum comfort from the game provides players with the best choice and update new products daily.

So that the payment, transfers, and withdrawal of the cash prize do not take a whole lot of time, online wallets come to your aid like superheroes in cartoons, replacing ordinary cards and making the withdrawal of funds a thousand times more convenient, faster, and safer.

Especially for each reader, we have prepared a review on how to play live casino, what is the difference from the usual, best casinos in Africa.

Live casino. What is the main difference from classic online casino

In the late nineties, the gaming industry learned what gambling is, except for playing cards for money or poker with friends. The largest companies NetEnt and Microgaming, like small children who were just learning to walk, began to take their first steps, followed by success in the casino so that their favorite activity became convenient without leaving their home or apartment. At that time, not many people competed to buy the best version of a touch phone, because they simply did not exist yet. Even computers did not have the power that they have now, so the development in the gadget industry was an important step in the development of the entire online casino and betting industry.

The natural advantage of a live casino online is the absence of a dealer, queues in the game, and convenient time, where timers do not limit you.

Experiments with live casinos then took place even before the appearance of potential customers. Then the opinion of people was divided into two: those who saw the excitement in everything and were ready for any changes and also realized the superiority of new technologies, and players who do not change traditions and adhere to the old rules.

So, the result of the experiments led to such a disagreement. Some gamblers saw such improvements in the online casino compared to the usual one that they no longer wanted to return. Also, skeptical players chose a live casino, because they see deception in the number generator, results, and simply, with live people, it was more usual to remain the same dealers.

Now the choice has been made easier for players because you can play live casino , and unlike an online casino, a live casino will take place in real-time, the bets are getting bigger, as well as players who take the side of rivals in this battle and fight for winning the jackpot.

How to play live dealer casino

In reality, a live casino is a unique combination of various innovative technologies, a home bank, real dealers who accompany you throughout the game and layout cards, and many other various aspects. The developers have made a lot of effort and to provide players with a new real casino experience, they have developed special casino studios where players from all over the world gather, because it doesn't matter if you are in America or Antarctica if you have the Internet.

First of all, casino games with a dealer are an excellent option for wholesale players who have been in the gambling business for a long time. By the name, you can understand that instead of a computer, you will be accompanied by a dealer. To do this, you do not need to go to the nearest casino, no. All that is required from the ICA is to choose the right game online. The dealer will help you spread out larger cards online so that you can see them on the screen. The beginning of this type of game dates back to the early 2000s, so the guys have greatly succeeded in this matter.

So, the steps in playing with an online dealer are very simple. We find a casino and choose the right game, and their list is large. The second stage of registration is fast and already at this stage, you can get a free bonus, after which you make a deposit, one, two, three and that's it.

It is worth finding the inscription "Live casino" and you will open all kinds of live tables with dealers. Depending on the chosen game you want to play live casino online, you make a deposit and wait until everyone is gathered at the same table. If you are the only player who took part, you will be asked to wait, after which the game begins. Next, the process of distributing cards from the dealer, and you will be offered to place a bet on the proposed icons in the table. At the end of the game that you probably remember, the winner will receive money and see it in the balance.

You can make sure that the actions are simple by reading this plan, so even if you miss something, the support service will always answer your questions.

TOP 5 software live casino in South Africa

The best casinos in Africa are working on a diverse selection of games and using the experience of players, they are developing online casinos. Of course, it is easier to play live casino South Africa by studying the list with the best offers. And for this, a variety of types have been prepared for your attention with a comparison of their differences and differences in bonuses, deposits, and the method of withdrawal of funds.

Your success is more or less equal to the choice of the supplier and the site where the game takes place. We have collected for you the top 5 best developers of software for the game. Each of them competes in improvements and new developments.

Microgaming â„¢Casino Games Microgaming is one of the first companies that started creating live casinos. This means that their invaluable experience can be trusted. Of course, reading all the terms of the games. This is the purest truth, if you want to choose the best gaming product, with the largest number of jackpots and its amount of 1.2 billion euros, feel free to contact Microgaming. Such a giant with a hundred employees and the same number of offices show all the seriousness and responsibility to work not only with the quantity but also with the quality of work. After all, according to the company, numbers are secondary for them. But taking care of the game, operators, and players is always in the first place of honor. It is these guys who set the standards, and other sites are already following them and trying to repeat them, so developers launch new games on mobile devices and desktops every month. Their technology is scaled, and the multi-node infrastructure identifies the needs of operators.

Softgames, as mentioned earlier, is also one of the first companies that launched new types of games. Their creative suggestions will not leave you without attention. Their innovative products will please everyone. Their website clearly shows the history of each year and what changes were made with each New Year. If we write about the beginning of the company's formation, then the time machine will send us to 2006, where two brothers Andre and Aleksandr Krug, who, like many famous companies that were just starting, were creating games for a major German television in their parents ' garage. The following year, 2007 well showed the intentions of the two brothers and they moved into their own office. Well, since 2010, with this important figure, the full-fledged development of the casino began its development and improvement.

Playtech Casino Games is not inferior to the old men in the shop. They are constantly developing the casino and have one of the largest software providers. And Playtech Casino Games is also famous for its huge selection of casino games. These guys position themselves as high-tech, following new trends and loyal to the market, responsible for gambling developers. When you visit their website, your eyes run away from colorful offers and effective content, which is covered by an unsurpassed professional experience in the field of gambling. They are rightfully considered innovators and test subjects of trending games, their development, and their design. The results will be unsurpassed, and global brands will follow your path. The comprehensive application of knowledge will take players to a new level in the casino.

Evolution Gaming allows its players to try out different types of casinos including live casino games. Great names and titles will interest you to play in this casino. Try to play only one game and you won`t stop. Evolution Gaming sets goals and successfully achieves them. The word goal means to be in the first place among all casinos in the world, as well as to successfully share the experience with customers for their convenience and comfort. They get rid of the frames and stereotypes inherent in many casinos. They believe that creativity, intelligence, respect, and openness will sound like the company's motto, and their cooperation with different companies shows friendliness to everyone

NYX Interactive is one of the few newcomers who are already competitors of the first companies. Various casinos with a bright interface and hot offers will help you feel more comfortable in the game. This is one of the main products of the casino industry. The company undoubtedly works with the world's casino operators. Games start here from small to large, from the unchanging classics and simplicity to sophisticated technologies and beautiful design, exciting themes. Special attention to the players is shown in the languages used, and there are a lot of them so that any player does not feel under-occupied and he does not have to turn to a translator. In order not to miss the details, namely they make the reputable casino reputable operators are always in touch in chat, email, and phone. In the unlikely event of a problem or just ask again to make sure, you can find out information from the support service.

How to start play live casino games

From history to practice, when you got the main and basic information about the types of the best casinos in South Africa. The main difference between a land-based casino and a live online casino is, of course, the fact that the game takes place on a phone or computer. Live dealers are the last century, and playing online brings more profit. You can argue with this, but only after comparison can you say for sure.

After making a deposit, you choose available tables that are willing to invite players. Despite the huge advantage between the two casinos, you should treat each item with caution, because reading between the lines you can notice a lot of interesting things and hidden from the general eyes.

The important points, the three pillars on which the online casino is built are security, the quality of offers, and support. If bonuses can be considered a pleasant addition to general points, such as a license, honesty with customers. In principle, a reputable casino is distinguished by the fact that the work of developers becomes visible by the quality of the interface and often good offers because the team is interested in attracting customers and making them it's potential and regular players.

In short, the scheme of playing in a real casino is clear as day. Register, search for games, make a deposit, wait for a meeting of all people and you're done. Just play and enjoy the process. At the end of the game, you withdraw your winnings in any convenient way.

Despite the good service, some players have questions about the disadvantages of such a casino. But in principle, the main disadvantage of this innovation is that for many a live casino is still unusual, but in many aspects, this type of game has advantages over the usual one, and a unique set of tasks will make you think about developing a strategy and plunge into the atmosphere of the game.

TOP bonuses today

A beginner will surely be attracted by the bright interface of the casino in choosing a game, but even beginners who are looking for a game look even at the bonuses that the casino is ready to provide. Here everyone should understand what he expects from this game. First, a welcome bonus, which in general is always issued after registration, but one bonus will not be enough, which means that the developers have come up with something else.

Every live casino offers not only welcome bonuses but also daily or weekly bonuses for new and regular customers. It is often impossible to guess when you can get a bonus in games, for this you need to monitor the casino every day, but such bonuses can be in the form of percentages for a match and are accepted through coupons.

The promotions are distributed on Mondays in the form of cashback or cash on Fridays. And the final gift is tournaments for players, in which you can compare your strength with other players.

To understand the work of each casino, you need to study it from the inside, as well as understand the work of each bonus.

The free bonuses of the day can include cashback bonuses, package bonuses, free spins, a free game, a maximum cashout bonus, a wagering bonus

So, a cashback bonus implies a refund of a certain amount. If this happens and you lose, using the cashback, the amount is refunded and maybe even in a larger amount. Imagine that you invested $ 100 and received $ 200. So the loss does not seem like that, on the contrary, the desire to lose becomes greater. However, be careful when reading the rules of this bonus. It can be the most insidious among others because if the bonus period has come to an end, you can only get the money back by playing them in the next game.

Package bonuses can be understood even by going to the grocery store. Most often, when you take one product, it is not enough for cooking and you take more. This offer seems just great because instead of one bonus, you get several. And not indirectly, you can find free spins, free games, or a cash bonus inside such bonuses.

After telling about the pact bonus, many people began to wonder what free spins and a free game are.

Free spins are free spins that are offered in a certain slot. This type of bonus requires wagering in the future, but there are online casinos that do not have such requirements.

A free game speaks for itself, namely, a free game is a game that you play without attachments to get acquainted with a new game, or its changes in detail.